Starter Kit: All Natural Dry Shampoo & brush

Starter Kit: All Natural Dry Shampoo & brush


All Natural Dry Shampoo with Wooden Kabuki Brush

Scent: sweet citrus

Size: 2 oz.

Raw Form Beauty has created a dry shampoo that absorbs oil and freshens hair so you can skip washing and still feel like your hair is clean and manageable. 

Each ingredient used is natural and provides a benefit to your hair and scalp: 

  • White Kaolin Clay- detoxes dirt, oils and impurities from the scalp and hair
  • Arrowroot Powder- helps in absorbing beneficial moisture for your scalp to cut down on oil production and dandruff 
  • Diatomaceous Earth (similar to most clay)- helps with hair thinning and baldness, contains natural silica to help stimulate new hair growth

The wooden kabuki brush makes it easy to apply the dry shampoo

This product is great for all hair types but is best on fine, oily hair. 

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